Certified to Rock's Drupal Groupies - August 2011

Status message

Hi there, CertifiedToRock is out of date and looking for people who will take over the site (by purchasing it). Interested in doing that? Let us know.

With the recent acquisition of GVS by Acquia many people are curious what will happen to Certified to Rock. Acquia has long been thinking about certifications and how to do them well in the Drupal community. But there was a clear sense by those involved in Certified to Rock that CTR would best be served by remaining an independent project. You may have noticed that the site design changed a little bit. We removed all GVS branding from the site and are instituting a program of "Groupies" to support the site.

Our philosophy is strong: the entire Drupal community is rock-stars and the folks working on this site are your groupies. At the same time as providing a means of certification, this site is meant to encourage and promote the best elements of the Drupal community.

So, who are these groupies?

Currently they are:

The oath of the groupies

All groupies agree that they will:

  • Keep the secret part secret for the rest of your life—the secrecy is a feature, not a bug. If you ask a groupie about the CTR secrets, they will try not to reveal information. If you catch them revealing teh secrets, let us know. That'll earn them bus-bathroom-cleaning duty for a month!
  • Improve CTR in ways that support and improve the Drupal project.
  • Once a groupie, always a groupie - even if their interest (and vote, it's a do-ocracy after all) diminishes folks remain CTR groupies forever.

Seeking additional groupies

The current set of groupies has a mix of development, design, certification, and of course, Drupal community experience. We need more of that. In particular, if you want to work on building an embeddable widget, expanding the algorithm to be more accurate, work on scalable scraping and data processing, and you are willing to agree to the oath then let us know.

New groupies will be admitted based on very important scientific process that mixes tea leaf analysis, Turkish coffee readings, and propensity towards getting shit done.

Do you want to become a CTR groupie? Are you familiar with the Drupal community, issues around certification, and have some free time to contribute? Contact us.



My biggest constraint will be time, but I think I find enough to contribute. Also, I have probably been involved in the Drupal community for a shorter amount of time than some others potential groupies. But if I can help let me know, if not right away then whenever.


I'm intrigued. CTR is a pretty amazing service to the community, and I'd be very interested in helping out...

I'd like to see a score for Drupal companies or web companies. There was a short Twitter conversation about how Drupal companies should give at least 20% of employee time to the community. CTR could go a long way to determine a company's community contributions.


"@jacine @DamienMcKenna I want to see Certified to Rock to track a company's commits and score them. #feettothefire"

drupal.org has market place pages and a new preview section that shows what modules their employees have produced. I think there is a way to aggregate a company CTR score based on the usernames of each employee given and correlating that to the modules and core commits of their username.


Certified to Rock is an answer to the question of certification for the Drupal community. Contact us with any private questions.